Everyone accepts that strace is one the most useful program for developers. And to make the output more understandable, I want to improve the informativeness of syscalls. Well, it occurred to me that there are two main approaches:
1) Improve the informativeness of the existing strace output
2) Write the complementary static query tool
Let's see which one is more appropriate in the current state of affairs. Certainly, it seems like the first way is looking better, because just typing the following command
$ strace %process_name% | asinfo
we will see the colorful and the informative output. However, parsing messages to make appearance more understandable is quite slow. Furthermore, an absence of the completed JSON output makes the task unsolvable optimally. In the second case, we do not care about these problems, just open one more terminal emulator and type the following command:
$ asinfo [OPTIONS] write (just one example)
To sum up, the output is purposed for people and providing all information about syscall(syscall number, meaning of flags, etc) can significantly reduce the debug time.



Edgar Kaziakhmedov


  • Vladimir D. Seleznev
  • Dmitry Levin