coala community has grown substantially over last few months. To make it easier on maintainers to cope up and still be a welcoming community for new contributors.

Currently, cobot is a hubot instance, scripts for which are written in Coffeescript. This project is about porting the existing functionality of cobot to a python bot framework errbot and adding topic modelling to cobot to auto respond with correct(probably) answer when someone asks a question.

Another reason for porting: coala is python inclined community, cobot will receive more contribution if the devs can write plugins for cobot in python.

Addition of an interesting feature: Topic-Modelling for auto-responding FAQs

As previously mentioned, coala has been growing substantially and there are new contributors frequently and same questions are asked frequently. This feature aims at using Natural Language Processing and matching the asked questions with the sections in docs and then respond with a relevant section. This saves time for the users as well as developers significantly. Also, since this a bot interaction one doesn't tire out the opposite person responding.



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  • Dmytro Sadovnychyi
  • Udayan Tandon