• Python is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use language which is often used to automate actions with scripts and to accelerate development of modules, that are not sensible to perfomance. Many projects are using python to provide facilities of using project functionality from scripts or to extend their functionality with Python modules.
  • Appleseed can greatly benefit from using Python. With Python embeded the ability to script actions on currently opened project will appear. Furthermore, new functionality can be implemented with Python modules. These will lead to gain in development speed and make it easier to contribute to project for newcomers.
  • My goal is to integrate Python interpreter into appleseed.studio and provide API to use current project and other application data from scripts. Also simple script editor will be provided so users wouldn't need to open stand-alone text editor just to make a small change in script. I will also start to investigate ways of extending appleseed.studio with Python and implement a few features as a result of investigation.



Gleb Mishchenko


  • Esteban Tovagliari