The project intends to integrate Todoist with GNOME To Do allowing the users to manage their Todoist account using GNOME To Do. Implementation of Todoist will require a OAuth2 authentication and implementation of Todoist Provider that manages loading/editing tasks/ task lists and saving changes to Todoist Server. We would use GOA's already implemented OAuth2 authentication, by adding a Todoist Provider in GOA which will manage users login and store the access tokens. The Todoist plugin inside To DO will make use of the todoist v7 API to make sync calls for process like loading tasks,lists or updating tasks etc. Todoist server responds to every request with a JSON response. The Todoist provider would check the JSON response for error and if correct process it to retrieve requested data. At the end of the project we will have a working Todoist plugin which will be a nice addition to To Do. Beside this, the project will take care of some feature implementations currently being used in Todoist and also general bug-fixing if time permits.



Rohit Kaushik


  • Georges Stavracas