The aim of this feature is to make it possible to connect to VM consoles using VNC client called NoVNC in browsers.noVNC is an HTML 5-based remote desktop web client which can communicate with a remote VNC server via WebSockets. Using noVNC, you can control a remote computer in a web browser over VNC. noVNC has a full VNC client implementation in JavaScript/HTML5. However, noVNC is still limited by the fact that JavaScript cannot make plain TCP connections. noVNC uses WebSockets to connect to the server. noVNC includes a generic WebSockets to TCP bridge ( WebSockify ) that you can run on the server or the client. Using noVNC would be better than the current customized VNC in ACS. However, this project aims at adding noVNC support along with the current VNC feature. They will communicate to the VM via different ports.


Sachin Patil


  • Rohit Yadav
  • Syed Ahmed