Brief Explanation: In the past, Kipi-plugins provided a way to export KIPI host data to DLNA/UPNP by a plugin using HUpnp library for Qt. Since porting this tool to Qt5 will not work as HUpnp project is unmaintained and its code is not ported to Qt5. The goal of this project is to find a new way to restore this feature in digiKam core directly (not as a plugin), using a suitable solution to support UPNP/DLNA in the long term.

Expected results:

Review old plugin code DLNA Export. Review all required features to export digiKam contents through a DLNA server. Implement a DLNA server in digiKam core to export photo and video hosted in physical and virtual collections. The server must have the capability to be restored at each digiKam session. Implement the server configuration panel in digiKam setup. Test the new implementation with DLNA compliant devices, as smartphones, tablets, TVs. Test the new implementation under Windows and MacOS. Write unit tests and documentation.



Ahmed Fathy


  • Mohamed Anwer