The inspiration for this proposal is from elements of Minecraft along with some pre-existing suggestions and ideas within Terasology. The concept of Scenarios has been suggested in the past and would be very important in order to properly develop any notion of “static” worlds such as what would exist for Light & Shadow. In addition, it would provide assistance to creation of exploration worlds such as the suggested Maze world.

The implementation of scenarios can be thought of as basically creating a “game maker” style engine built into Terasology.

As additional smaller, but very important goals attached to this idea, I intend to extend the currently existing tools for creation which mostly include BlockPicker and StructureTemplates both of these tools work well at what they do, but both are still limited for large creations as they require placing everything by hand. This is where the brush tool I propose can come in handy. The brush tool is designed to allow for “brush-strokes” being made using blocks to quickly create large structures and terraforming. These brush tools would allow for the following interactions.



Tyler Thompson


  • Martin Steiger
  • Tobias Nett
  • Scott Moses Sunarto
  • Florian Köberle