Most appealing for me: Project idea#2: Easier project model management. I am already familiar with customer requirements related to the idea. The idea is interested for me and I have practical experience and knowledge to implement the requirements. So I’ve applied fix for issue #1046 as well as I’ve also implemented on my local development environment fix for issue #1058 . During testing of implemented solution I discovered that related to the fixed issue functionality also can be improved. Detailed calendar plan is described in my Project proposal document.

Equally interesting for me: idea 1: Full-featured calendars I am familiar with customer requirements and I know how to implement some of them, other ideas also very interesting for me but require additional investigation to find solution (like an idea #824 Calendars export to other devices.

Less interesting for me : idea 3: Search I know how to implement #536 Dashboard project table extra searchable columns. As for second requirement: #535 Full text search engine – this is very interesting task cause it is require a knowledge and experience with Apache Solr. Nevertheless I am ready to take the challenge.





  • Olivier Sarrat