MapMint4ME is an android application which allows its users to record alphanumeric data, photo and GPS locations. The data can be recorded even when there is no internet connectivity. When the user returns to a location with the internet connectivity, the data is uploaded to the database. MapMint4ME is very close to MapMint web software which is built on the ZOO-Project. The ZOO-Project is an SDI manager providing the capability to built map and web applications.

In this project, I plan to add audio and video data recording facility to MapMint4ME. The main idea is to include SOS input support to MapMint4ME which will enable recording of sensor data directly within the app. The sensor data will be obtained from the sensors embedded on the Android platform. This project will help lots of GIS users, geologists, geographers et cetera who wish to retrieve data from remote areas (where it is not possible to reach) by accessing sensor data directly through the app. Certainly, more functions with extended capabilities could be added in future. I believe that by following a strict timeline as mentioned in the proposal, I will be able to finish the project successfully.



Rajat Shinde


  • GĂ©rald Fenoy
  • Milan Antonovic
  • Sittichai Choosumrong