The PEcAn (Predictive Ecosystem Analyser) project is an open source system for ecosystem modelling and forecasting. With huge amount of climatic and environmental data available, the PEcAn software tries to utilize it for providing users vital statistics and interactive visualizations for modeling and forecasting. Integration with Google Maps interface provides helpful information to the user and it becomes very handy to select a site. PEcAn already has an interface with Shiny (R) for visualizations and the main aim of this project would be to work upon the existing Shiny apps as well as developing other powerful visualizations to convey the right amount of information as well as clear understanding to the users on the platform. For me, an important component of this project is to understand what kind of visualization would give an intuitive sense to any user given the data and to present them in a very clear and effective manner. Otherwise, the user could not draw inferences that we want to show them. This is the most interesting thing I like and it is my motivation to work on this project to master this art of visualization.



Shubham Agarwal-1


  • Alexey Shiklomanov
  • Betsy Cowdery