Project VI: Publishing Workflow in Joomla!

Main goal is to replace publishing states with flexible workflows. User should can create multiple states and define transitions between them with assign role acl. In the list of items on the back side should be something to perform selected transaction between defined state in item and defined in the transaction. Created component should filter states and transactions by given extension. User for each transaction could define which action of which component will invoke when the transaction is performed.


  • Schema of database
  • List of states
  • Create, update, delete of state
  • List of transactions
  • Create, update, delete of transaction
  • States to workflows in core components
  • Role ACL to transaction
  • Perform transaction
  • Action invocation
  • Component respect Joomla ACL

*more in Google docs



Jan Jaracz


  • Sven Hurt
  • Buddhima Wijeweera
  • Shubham Rajput
  • Benjamin Trenkle