Currently BookANook suffers from a great many UX bugs and seems unpolished in terms of features. With my experience in Web Design and Web Development, I can improve BookANook to be consumer ready product with excellent UX and industry grade production code.

The objectives I wish to achieve for BookANook are:

  1. Improve UI and ease of selecting and booking a nook using a Map like interface.
  2. Improve the admin dashboard with finer access control over Locations.
  3. Build a comprehensive test suite with unit testing, integration testing and end-to-end testing and write deploy/install scripts.

The existing codebase is in Ruby on Rails and jQuery. I would like to port the front-end code to VueJS and utilise the Webpack asset pipeline to manage VueJS and all front-end dependencies. This will help in future-proofing the code against the ageing Rails asset management pipeline as well give access to the testing modules and other plugins from NodeJS ecosystem for building a state-of-the-art front-end. This will also make testing the front-end much easier. I am open to any ideas from the project mentors regarding the design and tooling choices to be made.




  • Justin Clark
  • Jessica Yurkofsky