PowerUp is an educational mobile for adolescent girls. The game is based on Social & Emotional Learning model to empower young girls to take charge of their reproductive health and self esteem.

I will be working on PowerUp-iOS during GSoC 2017, and I plan to achieve the following tasks.

Code Refactoring

I will cut some redundant classes and view controllers as well as redesign the class structure and Storyboard segues. Future developers would benefit from the refactored code significantly due to the enhanced readability and flexibility.

Mini Games

Mini game is a nice way to make a choose-your-own adventure game more interactive. I will implement three mini games during GSoC 2017.

  1. Minesweeper Game: This is a game of pure chance, simulating the success rate of various contraceptive methods.
  2. Sink to Swim: This is a "myth buster" game to clear the myths and false information which public media and internet feed to young girls.
  3. Vocab Matching: This game is designed to teach players various terms related to contraceptives and body growth in puberty.

UI Update

I will be working along with a UI designer, so I will be applying the newly designed UI assets to the project.


Yu Chao (casd82)


  • Sally Zhang
  • ginny
  • Jennifer Parak