Mainly the project has the purpose of showing some data in Liquid Galaxy (different options to choose by the user). The presentation will be so visual in the Liquid Galaxy monitors, and the information will be represented in a bubble and different shapes. There will also be the possibility to make a tour according to which is the chosen option. There will be many options, and the user interaction will be so funny and interesting.

The point of communication between the user and the application will be necessary to develop a fluid interface. This interface will handle the connection with the API to obtain the data (SPARQL queries), then the treatment of data and classifying them according to the type, and at last sending to the Liquid Galaxy (KML file) to visualize the data in a map point.

An important point is to know the data to be treated from the Wikimedia API. The data will have to be processed and save the values that will be useful. There are different use cases and according to these, we will work with some types of data or with others. At the end, the important is that the Liquid Galaxy visualization of the data will be simple and so the user obtains what he has requested.



Guillem Barbosa


  • Ismael Arroyo
  • Andreu Ibanez-1
  • Julio Bondia Barcel√≥