Addin system of MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio ( is very flexible and allow the developers to add or extend any feature in the IDE .CBinding addin allow the developers to use C/C++ for writing the solution. However, there are still many features that are missing, some of them are :-

1) Ability of the CBinding to use compilers present on Windows (GCC/MSVC/MinGW32), this will also require support for CMake as that's the only project format CBinding currently has .

2) Implement support and switching between various Toolchains available in CMake.

3) Detect missing dependencies (libclang, CMake etc) and prompt the user to install them.

4) Adding various refactoring features .

There are many other things that can be done to make it even more better like improving project and file templates, improving code completion, adding a test suite etc . Since old "MD1" project system is no longer supported so it can also be removed.

Main purpose of this proposal is to come up with an idea to implement some of these features and make changes to the existing ones.





  • Mikayla Hutchinson