Introduction to Image Sequencer

Image Sequencer is a non-destructive image processing library built with JavaScript which creates a new image at each step in a sequence of steps. Image Sequencer is in early-development phase. The core functionality is being implemented. There are a few modules present. Calculations aren’t GPU accelerated. As a result, there is a lag when images larger than 700KB are handled. Also, Image Sequencer works only for browsers currently as it uses a browser dependency (the JavaScript Image Class). Image Sequencer currently supports only one image at a time.

Aim of my project

The aim of my Project is to expand the module library by implementing powerful processing modules (As listed at the end of this proposal) followed by enabling GPU-backed calculations for browser based clients and hence enhance performance, reliability and speed. And, ultimately, to develop Image Sequencer as an importable library for image manipulation and publish it on NPM. Also, support for Node.js based clients and JSON input/output will be generated.



Chinmay Pandhare


  • Jeffrey Warren
  • Becki C