A large goal of both the SBOL and synthetic biology communities is to develop a useful and comprehensive workflow from experiment to publication. Many SBOL-compliant tools already exist which perform distinct and useful functions ranging from component design, modeling, composition, simulation, figure creation, storage, sharing, and publication. In 2016, ACS Synthetic Biology recommended that all authors submit genetic designs using SBOL. An example workflow for doing so was published in 2016 (Hillson), and each of the parts of the workflow can be fulfilled by extant tools, but the integrations between tools can be made more robust. For example, the SynBioHub service allows for storage and sharing of SBOL parts, VisBOL allows for creation of SBOL visual images from SBOL files, and iBioSim and SBOL Designer allow for creation and composition of SBOL parts. SBOL Designer and iBioSim allow for upload of parts to an instance of SynBioHub, but there are many opportunities to improve this workflow with authentication, security, and sharing capabilities.


Zach Zundel


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