I propose to develop an Android App for Science Experiments with PSLab. Due to the growing influence of smartphones, the requirement of an Android counterpart for PSLab is needed. As per the current development status, the device communicates with the app using an OTG Cable using I2C communication. PSLab has an already existing desktop counterpart and the features like oscilloscope, get data of the various sensors on the board etc. and I wish to integrate most of the features in the app along with some better feature suggestions. The project would require initial development of communication libraries followed by implementation of the proposed features and their rigorous testing. An entire development model needs to be developed which would the writing main code, tests to check validity in certain cases, paying attention to the aesthetics/looks of the app etc. The proposed features would require extensive understanding of communication protocols, using APIs in apps, development of tests & making good UI designs. The proposed project has been divided to development & testing phases with time bound schedules for the same.



Asitava Sarkar


  • Lorenz Gerber
  • Praveen Patil (Gnovi)
  • Soong Chee Gi
  • Darwin Gosal
  • Wan Leung Wong
  • Ansgar Schmidt
  • Mitch Altman
  • Shams Jaber
  • Victoria Bondarchuk
  • Mario Behling
  • Haggen So