1. Adding feedback feature to Susi’s functionality.
  2. Integration of Susi assistant to Viber, Skype and Gitter.

Feedback Feature: I will change the UI of the Susi assistant to inculcate the option of feedback by the user. This feedback after review will be saved in a file on the server. Thus, this file can be included in the main repository and change the behavior of Susi.

Integration to various platforms: Currently, Susi assistant is integrated to Telegram, Facebook, Slack and Kik. My proposed project aims to integrate Susi messenger to Viber, Skype and Gitter. The user can add Susi assistant as a friend, and have a conversation with it, through these platforms.

The improvement achieved in the website of asksusi (enabling feedback), the same can be introduced to the Susi assistant present on these messenger platforms, if I am left with time.



Manveer Singh


  • Thong Tran
  • Michael Christen
  • Damini Satya
  • Victoria Bondarchuk
  • Mishari Muqbil
  • Mario Behling
  • Julian Renard
  • Sudheesh Singanamalla