The main idea of this proposal is Why and How we integrate unikernel as a runtime into kubernetes/frakti project, so that kubernetes could use unikernel instance just like use docker, which eventually make kubernetes play a role in more application scenarios. If you are not familar with these two words, here is a brief introduction.

Unikernel are specialised, single-address-space machine images constructed by using library operating systems. You can consider it as a virtual machine but only has a special OS compiled with your applications binaries. Unikernels are considered as the future infrastructure of IoT and cloud system. And already show great potential in NFV, serverless and immutable infrastructure.

Frakti is an official Kubernetes sub-project which is a well-designed CRI implementation for hypervisor-based runtimes. It now support hypervisor container as well as mixed container runtimes (e.g. Docker + HyperContainer)on same node.


Hao Zhang


  • Pengfei Ni
  • Harry Zhang