My proposal is to complete the implementation of the N4409 C++ STL parallelization standard algorithms in HPX. Since #1141 has mostly been resolved by implementing many of the algorithms, my main focus will be on resolving #1338. But I will first work on implementing the few remaining algorithms in issue #1141 then move onto issue #1338. So I will implement is_heap, partial_sort, partition, remove, merge, and unique. After this I will move on to #1338, which is about ensuring that these algorithms work seamlessly with distributed data structures like hpx::vector. I will extend as many of the remaining algorithms as possible in the timeframe. I will do this along with unit tests and performance tests. I will also ensure that the documentation and the tutorials are upto date with the new features. I will also update or add relevant examples to the hpx code base.



Ajai George


  • Marcin Copik