ROS has support for pocketsphinx, but it is very initial stage. So, this project aims to update the ROS package for pocketsphinx with a full-scale support for the recent features and updates. Also, the current package makes use of many external dependencies for its proper functioning. This leads to a lot of complexities in the installation process and in maintaining the codebase. So, another motivation for this project is to get rid of as many of the external dependencies as possible and maintain a proper documentation for the new package. The existing codebase does not have a proper wiki or documentation, neither for the developers, nor for the end-users. And ROS is all about flexible usability. So, this project would also strive to provide a concise, clear and up-to-date documentation of the entire package.



Pankaj Baranwal


  • Sarah Elliott
  • Arseniy Gorin