An open source personal assistant that makes interaction with smartphones easy. Providing SUSI with abilities to reply almost every query asked by the user. The goal of the my project is to enhance Susi server by implementing new features and improving existing features. By the end of GSoC, I will implement

  • Enhance the AAA and permissions system to be fully functional, also implement a permissions system and offer services depending on the permission set.
  • Skill rating / ranking system and feedback - mechanism for the skills.
  • Create servlets to get the list of top-unanswered questions by susi.
  • Add more skills and bring out ways to import skills from other AI bots.
  • Wiki editing system to make skill writing easy



Saurabh Jain


  • Hon Nguyen
  • Michael Christen
  • Damini Satya
  • Mishari Muqbil
  • Mario Behling
  • Julian Renard
  • SP Mohanty