Minuet is a free musical software. Its goal is helping users learn and exercise their skills in music education. The areas covered by Minuet are: ear-training, first-sight reading, harmony, improvisation and solfa. Minuet consists of several test exercises which test and improve user’s musical knowledge and his ability to recognize intervals, rhythms, scales and chords. Even though Minuet has many powerful tools that contribute to music learning, there are still some missing features that would make it a fully-professional musical software. At the moment, Minuet is using a piano keyboard (showed at the bottom of the screen) to display its exercises. It would be a significant improvement to give the user the choice to use other instruments as “helpers/companions”, such as guitar, bass, violin, trumpets, etc. I will try to modify the current piano keyboard view into a standalone plugin and then implement a guitar plugin from scratch.





  • Sandro Andrade
  • Helio Castro