Robot simulators are essential tools for robot design and robotics algorithm development. We are going to build a simulator of PR2 Robot in Unreal Engine 4, which can provide more realistic physics simulation for users and allow for better user-robot interaction. The ROS will also be included so that users can utilize ROS packages to finish tasks like navigation and indoor SLAM in the simulated scenario.

Tasks in this project includes integration of ROS libraries to Unreal Engine, import of different types of sensors like Kinect and Hokuyo Laser Scanner , and a controller manager which interacts with the ROS controller, the hardware interface, and simulated hardware. Apart from the main goal mentioned above, I plan to create a general controller manager and a toolchain to easily convert any URDF models to robot actors in Unreal Editor.

Taking the complexity of the project into consideration, as an experienced ROS programmer, I will focus more on the ROS integration and robot control part.


Yilong Li


  • Andrei Haidu
  • Gayane Kazhoyan