Jitsi Meet is a WebRTC JavaScript application, which provides high quality scalable videoconferencing solution. It uses Jitsi Videobridge as the video relaying server. Currently, developers have embedded many useful functionalities into Jitsi Meet, such as shared document editing, remote presentation, etc. Here, I propose to bring face and speech recognition into Jitsi Meet. First of all, I plan to add "Show your face" prompts for Jitsi Meet. In this case, if a user's face is not well positioned, it will prompt the user to move to the center. Additionally, if time is enough during the summer, I will also add speech-to-text functionality in Jitsi Meet. With the help of speech recognition, there could be a transcript generated automatically for a conference.



Chunxu Tang


  • Yana Stamcheva
  • Saúl Ibarra Corretgé