Aim of the project is to improve and enhance Open Event Android project by adding more features, improving performance and fixing bugs.

  • Add support for new API (JSONAPI) of Open Event API Server
  • Add User Authentication in the App along with adding an option in the generator to add authentication in the App.
  • Add User profile feature using which user can update name and avatar
  • Improve Map by adding markers for all the microlocations
  • Improve searching/filtering performance all over the App
  • Add feature to cache thumbnails and images to load it when device is offline
  • Add TextDrawable to show as placeholder for speaker image while image is downloading
  • Enhance UI by adding Sticky Headers for grouping through out the App
  • Improve UI by adding number of sessions label for track
  • Improve code base to support older devices(pre-lollipop) with API level < 21
  • Refactor code base to improve performance and to reuse code using Utility methods
  • Fix other critical bugs and issues





  • championswimmer
  • Aayush Arora
  • Nayana Adassuriya
  • Harshit D (the-dagger)
  • Victoria Bondarchuk
  • Nguyễn Hồng Quân
  • Mario Behling
  • Eden Dang