Since Scilab is an open source, various practitioners use it to simulate real-time applications and systems. However, Simulation cannot be achieved in zero time. Knowing execution time is a key to develop an accurate simulation in real-time areas. Precise measurement of execution time is important in area about life safety, such as military equipments, automotive and aerospace industries. As we known, Matlab has a Profiler function which could measure where a program spends time. By using Matlab Profiler, we could evaluate and improve performance of programs. What I want to do is to make a similar function for Scilab. We use Xcos to make models that have many blocks. In some cases, we want to know execution time of these blocks. A variety of literatures introduce the way of measuring execution time but they did not present directly time to users. Therefore, in this project, I will measure time and present time to users.



Rui Shi


  • Umut Durak
  • davidcl