The aim this project is to develop a system that, making use of the Liquid Galaxy capacity to display information over an interactive map obtained from a big data analytics and mining process. Firstly, the data will be gathered from public data APIs and stored in a database to be processed later. This information will be related to historical weather conditions, water and energy reservoirs, earthquakes and other weather related information. Secondly, the data will be analysed under some kind of data analysis algorithm such clustering with K-Means algorithm or Regression Models making use of a Spark Uni-Node System running on the cloud and Python ( pySpark library). The conclusions obtained from this data analysis will be shown on a external interface, such a website running in a server connected to the Liquid Galaxy. This website will offer to the end-user, the possibility to seamlessly display the chosen information into Liquid Galaxy. Then the system will automatically send the corresponding KML files to Liquid Galaxy in order to display this information in a descriptive and visual way, for example percentual polygons, polylines, etc.



Ivan Josa Llovera


  • Ismael Arroyo
  • Andreuibanez