Distributing software effectively to multi core, many core, and distributed systems has been studied for decades but still advances successively driven by domain specific constraints. Programming vehicle ECUs is one of the most constrained domains that recently approached the need for concurrency due to advanced driver assistant systems or autonomous driving approaches. To answer the needs of automotive industry in this manner with an open-source approach, recent studies have been made such as the Eclipse-based APP4MC platform. Although APP4MC provides sufficient tooling in parallel computing for automotive domain, the demonstration and evaluation of its results would improve its performance and allow to investigate the optimization of goals such as resource usage and energy consumption. With the project, software distribution challenges for such automotive systems should be analyzed upon instruction precise modeling, affinity constrained distribution, and reducing task response times achieved by advanced software parallelization. Advanced software parallelization will be achieved on a remote controlled demonstrator car that will have a distributed and parallel architecture.



Mustafa Özçelikörs


  • Robert Höttger