Pywikibot is a popular framework for writing MediaWiki bots. Thanks is an extension for MediaWiki wikis which is designed to allow users to send quick "thank you" messages to other users for edits or Flow comments. Pywikibot does not currently have support for Thanks, meaning that bots using Pywikibot cannot send thanks, use the log of thanks on a wiki, or compile statistics on thanks.

This project proposes to implement Pywikibot support for Thanks by:

  • Implementing functionality to send thanks for revisions and Flow posts.
  • Using existing classes to do useful things with metadata related to thanking.
  • Creating a script to compile statistics of frequent thankers on a particular wiki.
  • Modifying the Thanks extension code where necessary to achieve proper integration.

Also included in the proposal is at least one to-be-determined contribution to the PHP extension code not directly related to the new Pywikibot functionality.



Alexander Jones


  • John Mark Vandenberg