For the last few years we've seen an ongoing debate around the security of voting: Be it the incident in Florida[1] during 2000's election or the controversy around Donald Trump's election[2] - taking into account that it might have even interfered with candidates of his own party[9] - as well as other international events[3], society's trust on voting methods has never been a matter of consensus. Voter confidence - the trust voters have that their vote is being counted correctly in an election - is one of the most fundamental aspects of any election and therefore democracy itself. How can we use recent tech advancements to enhance transparency and increase security during elections for millions of people around the globe who trust electronic voting for electing representatives? More than that - how can we provide better transparency and security for decision taking processes in general, be the final user a human or a machine? Also, how can we do that without requiring extensive social and political efforts, so that we could deploy a solution by the end of the summer?


TeĆ³genes Moura


  • Fang Song