Iridium is a satellite communication system, previously mainly used for satellite phone calls and remote control and tracking of scientific instruments or trucks. However, recently more and more lightweight modules were introduced to the market which allow for new applications in vehicles such as high-altitude balloons and miniaturised spacecraft.

The goal is to improve the existing ground station coded for the MIRKA2-RX experiment and improving it to become a flexible and versatile platform that can be easily modified and fitted to the needs of an experiment. The current ground station already features the basic components needed for receiving data via the Iridium satellite but requires a lot of coding and understating of the code to use it in different scenarios. The suggested proposal would heavily focus on making the application useable to a wider audience by featuring config files for the GUI and the data protocols used as well as adding support for 3D visualisation of GPS data.





  • Florian Grabi
  • Manfred Ehresmann