JdeRobot is a software development suite for robotics, home-automation and computer vision applications. These domains include sensors (for instance, cameras), actuators, and intelligent software in between. It has been designed to help in programming such intelligent software. Details for the project: Project #5. Teaching Robotics: Translation of a Scratch program to ROS python components Scratch is a free visual programming language used in children's education, to teach them basic programming. It is composed of graphical building blocks (instructions) that must be visually connected to build the program. The idea here is to take benefit of our experience translating from a graphical description of a program in visual HFSM into a JdeRobot-ROS component to do the same with a different visual language, Scratch. The goal is to explore the use of Scratch with robots, both simulated or real, that JdeRobot-ROS allows and simplifies. We will start with simulated robots in Gazebo, despite with real robots will be the same as they use the same interfaces. This project expects to develop a new tool prototype that reads Scratch programs and translate them into ROS Python components.


Raúl Pérula-Martínez


  • L. Roberto Morales
  • JoseMaría Cañas Plaza