coala is a modular and language-agnostic tool for performing static code analysis. The aim of coala is to make static code analysis easier for the users. However, getting started with coala for a user requires prior knowledge about different bears coala has (users may get confused among lots of available options), how to create a correct coafile, what values to provide for settings, avoid duplicity among the bears, what bear-dependencies to install, etc.

coala-quickstart is a tool with an aim to help users to quickly get started with coala by doing all the boilerplate work. It generates a .coafile (coala's configuration file) that is tailored to the project.

The ultimate goal of the project is to make coala-quickstart generate a more tailored coala configuration file with less user effort and time.

The primary objectives of the project are:

  1. Develop a mechanism to extract information of interest to coala like setting values from some common kinds of project files like Gruntfile.js, Gulpfile.js, etc.
  2. Make coala-quickstart include relevant bears to the project in the generated coafile.
  3. Improving the user interface, increasing automation and adding some minor features.



Satwik Kansal


  • Adrian-Gabriel Zatreanu
  • Adhityaa Chandrasekar