‘Effective Python routines for analysis on massively multi-threaded platforms-Python bindings for the Hydra C++ library'. The title of this project suggests that we need effective Python routines for some kind of intensive heavy-duty data analysis on multi-threaded platforms. It also suggests that Python bindings for the Hydra C++ library. Hydra library is a C++ header-only library which is used for high performance and precision. Since in this project, we are writing Python package for the binding of Hydra library, we can expect to have the dynamicity of Python combined with the performance and precision of C++. In large experiments when we have terabytes of data to perform analysis on we need performance and at the same time, we want tools which are not too hard to use. Keeping this in mind, after completing this project we can expect to have such kind of Python package which anyone can use without any performance and precision lose.



Deepanshu Thakur


  • A. Augusto Alves Jr
  • Eduardo Rodrigues