The CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) is a high-energy physics experiment at the LHC. The CMS PhEDEx(Physics Experiment Data Export) project is responsible for facilitating large-scale data transfers across the grid ensuring transfer reliability, enforcing data placement policy, and accurately reporting results and performance statistics. CMS tracks over 2 PB of data using PhEDEx. The architecture of PhEDEx is made up of the distributed, loosely coupled agents.

The transfer2go is R&D project within CMS collaboration. The aim of this project is to extend basic PhEDEX functionality to address upcoming challenges in exabyte HL-HLC era via implementation of modern Go programming language.

This proposal offers to make transfer2go even better by adding simple router which can intelligently choose which agent to use based on some underlying conditions. This router will be helpful to reduce the traffic on the single agent and will be helpful to decrease the data transfer latency.



Rishi Shah


  • Daniele Bonacorsi
  • Valentin Kuznetsov