Smoke testing is a set of light tests which are done for checking basic functionalities of a software to ascertain if the crucial functions work correctly.
FreeBSD currently has a set of tests under src/tests which are run using the kyua framework. These tests need to be first installed individually before they can be used for testing. This proves problematic in cases when direct testing of some newly installed or updated utility/library has to be performed. It makes testing changes to libraries and utilities difficult as one would like to perform tests (e.g. to ensure a proper build environment) before proceeding for installation.
This project aims to develop a new test infrastructure and automation tool along with basic tests to verify if all the base utilities in FreeBSD are linked properly. The testing framework will ease the process of writing test cases which will be run in a completely automated and developer friendly manner without need for any prior installation. Once integrated, the tool will also facilitate further development of tests.



Shivansh Rai


  • Alan Somers
  • Brooks Davis