ViSP supports CAD model in .cao format or in .vrml format which are needed for Markerless model-based tracker module. Currently, the creation of .cao model formats, which is a homemade file format, and its corresponding config files has to be done manually. The goal of this project is to automate this process by providing extensive tools to achieve perfect and loss-less conversion from existing 3D file formats to .cao and also generation from scratch:

1) Develop dedicated Blender plugin to edit and convert from classical 3D file format (for example .obj) to home-made CAD model file format.

2) Develop a very simple CAD model viewer and editor that allows to add ViSP MBT specific characteristics to a face or a line such as a label or a level of details (lod).



Vikas Thamizharasan


  • Fabien Spindler
  • s-trinh
  • Aurelien Yol