Serialization is the process in which a data structure or object is translated and stored in the format of a file compatible in memory then reconstructed in another environment.

The following link will bring you to a Matplotlib Enhancement Proposal concerning the serialization of Matplotlib figures and widgets.
MEP25: Serialization

Jupyter Notebook allow coders to compute data in an web - based interactive environment. Ipywidgets is a module that extends Jupyter Notebooks and Ipython Kernel in that a coder has the ability to create interactive HTML - based widgets. PythreeJS is an extension of Ipywidgets, as it is a bridge between Python widget creation and HTML widgets with the incorporation of the Javascript 3-D graphics library, ThreeJS.

What if we had the ability to serialize data from matplotlib figures to json objects then render the data in a PythreeJS widget?





  • Ryan Morshead
  • Thomas Caswell
  • Hannah Aizenman