The primary goal of this project is to engage the learners in a long term learning relationship with Oppia by providing them with their personal learning space - the 'Learner Dashboard'. The dashboard will keep track of the explorations and collections completed by learners, the explorations and collections that are currently in progress, the creators to whom the learner has subscribed to and the list of feedback threads which he/she needs to read or respond to. In addition, learners can also create their own curated list of explorations and collections which they may want to play later.

The learner dashboard will help provide an enriching learning experience and will bridge the gap between learners and creators. It'll be at the heart of the learning process and help the learner learn faster. In addition, this project will create the foundation for implementing a rich set of features like recommending the right next courses for individual learners and many other such exciting possibilities. This project, I believe, would mark a major milestone in accomplishing Oppia's mission - 'to help anyone learn anything they want in an effective and enjoyable way'.



Arunabh Ghosh


  • Jared Silver
  • Rachel Chen