Sugar has been using GTK2 as its primary toolkit, for many years. But recently major changes have occurred in the sugar’s technology which includes an upgrade to a newer version of GTK+ i.e. the GTK3 toolkit and PyGI. Because of these changes in technology sugar is divided on these old and new distributions.

This project is all about porting a dozen of major and minor activities of sugar which were based on “GTK2 and GST0”.10 to “GTK3 and GST1.0” in order for sugar to remain innovative stable and fully updated with newer technology.

These are the 12 activities whose refactoring will be done : Turtleart, Record, Chat, Calculate, Colors, Stopwatch, Dots and Boxes, Slider-puzzle-branch, Classroom broadcast, Convert, Arithmetic, Pukllanapac.



Zeeshan Khan


  • Ignacio Rodriguez