The Energy Hub (Ehub) Modeling Tool is a set of MATLAB scripts for writing and executing a district energy system optimization. The purpose of the tool is to aid the design of decentralized energy systems at the building and district level. It can be used for creating, executing and visualizing the results of an energy hub model for a given case study and a set of technologies. The Ehub Modeling Tool takes as input case study data and technology data in defined formats and outputs an AMS file which is executed in the optimization package Aimms. The Ehub Modeling Tool also includes R code for visualizing the results of the energy hub model.

This project focuses on developing a Python-based visualization module for the Ehub Modeling Tool. The results from a run of the model include the optimal dispatch schedule of different technologies, the technologies to be installed and the optimal capacities of these technologies, and other data. This project involves developing a set of scripts to import and visualize the results data from a set of experiments.


Soumyadip Ghosh


  • Andrew Bollinger
  • bmorvaj