Sugarizer Deployment Tool is a tool for Sugarizer. He is for deploying Sugarizer on multiple device a keep it updated. Make the installation and updated easy for the user.

Sugarizer is a way to use Sugar on any device using web technologies. Sugarizer can be deployed on many devices including Android phones and tablets. The goal of this specific project is to create the "Sugarizer Deployment and Management Tool for Android".

Expected results

Sugarizer Server Deployment and Management Tool is a GUI Tool working on GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows to deploy and configure Android devices using ADB (Android Debug Bridge).

  • Inventory : Collect and store devices data like serial number, os version, device name, installed applications, current Android launcher and Sugarizer availability.
  • Application Manager : Install or remove applications using APK files.
  • File Manager : Add / Remove files
  • Input Manager : Click / Touch coordinates on the screen, launch applications to perform automations.
  • Scenario Writer : Allow non developpers to create sequences to perform all the steps previously defined.





  • MichaĆ«l Ohayon