Catalan to Sardinian (apertium-cat-srd): The project has already started and currently the bidix is in the Staging section. The Catalan language is definitely the one that has the most resources in the Apertium platform. The cat-srd bidix has 2645 words with a trimmed coverage of 77.7% and a Wer rate of 34.8%: my goal is to bring coverage up to 86,5% and WER to 15%. The work that I think I can make concerns the increased coverage in bidix, work on transfer rules lexical selection.

Apertium Italian to Sardinian (apertium ita-srd): Last year, thanks to Google Summer of Code program, the first Italian-Sardinian translator was released, apertium ita-srd. The project was a success. As for apertium ita> srd the goal is to focus on transfer rules: through the structural differences highlighted by the completion of pending tests, this time srd>it requires the construction of new transfer rules that allow to solve problems like enclitics and proclítics (Sardinian there are words that have 3 enclitics and Italian 2, superlatives and NP possessive), lexical selection and morphological disambiguation.



Gianfranco Fronteddu


  • Hèctor Alòs i Font
  • Adrià Martín-Mor
  • Xavier Ivars Ribes