This project focuses on "Building a Chrome extension for the Way Back Machine, Adding new feature for the way back machine's chrome extension."

The original chrome extension was released during January 2017 where the unofficial and pre-release version was developed and released as an open source contribution at mid-2016. This is an extended update for the January 2017 chrome extension of the way back machine. This project has already several repositories in GitHub, where previous selected projects for building a chrome extension for the way back machine alongside with integrations, are available at the link below:

The project's Goals and criteria for success:

  • Integration with the Wayback Machine‚Äôs Site Search
  • Support for social sharing, including Twitter and Facebook
  • Display Tweets about a URL for a given date range
  • Provide user with visual feedback based on if we have archived a URL or not
  • Provide user with a one-click Summary view of a given site (Alexa Rank Whois, etc.)
  • Automatically archive URLs that are not in the Wayback Machine
  • Quick access to an overview of all the Archives for a specific URL



Rakesh N Chinta


  • Mark Graham