The current rebar functionality in FreeCAD is very limited by its UI and creating a reinforcement system using it is quite tedious. Currently, the user has to create a sketch for the rebar profile and define the required set of constraints. This becomes very time-consuming task even for an expert level user when he/she has a building model with several structural objects. This project is aimed at easing up the process of rebaring in FreeCAD. In this project, list of rebars will be provided to user in the form of dropdown. On selecting a rebar from dropdown, a dialog box will popout with input fields where can provide data related to selected rebar. The entire project will be delivered as a FreeCAD addon. The input fields in the dialog box are further categorised and presented in the form of tabs. User can easily switch to any tab to see contained input fields, thus enriching the experience by keeping the natural flow of user. With successful completion of this project, FreeCAD user will have an easy and professional way to create rebars for their projects with less efforts in less time.



Amritpal Singh


  • Bernd Hahnebach-1
  • Yorik van Havre