The aim of this project is to enhance some portions of the application that implement the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). Specifically :


The Conditional Store extension, defined in RFC 7162, adds an additional mod-sequence value to every message. This makes it possible to reference changes made to the mailbox made since a particular point in time, which is extremely useful for mobile clients that are not always connected to the internet. Adding support for the CONDSTORE extension will help to greatly reduce the time and data spent on resynchronization.


K-9 Mail has a basic search feature that searches the local database as well as the remote server for messages. The project aims to add features that make it more modern, such as suggestions, nested search, filters and proper full-text search.

Miscellaneous improvements

Support for some additional IMAP operations will also be added :

  • Using the UID EXPUNGE command when available so that messages deleted by other clients are not expunged by accident.
  • Switching between and modifying namespaces.
  • Moving messages across different IMAP accounts.



Harikrishnan Rajan


  • Vincent Breitmoser
  • cketti