In the fast moving world of open source, PR requests are opened every day, which leads to the problem of testing. Time and resource needs to be put into testing the new submitted fix or feature. By doing this project I plan to finish and improve the work of my mentor by developing an automatic parallel testing environment integrated that will deliver fast results for the available unit tests. I believe that my education, work and project experience make me the perfect candidate for this project. The general purpose of the project is getting early feedback for every newly submitted code. By creating a fully working environment to run tests for Joomla code, so that they can run in a parallel (container-based) environment, increasing speed and coverage of PHP and Joomla versions. The key requirement here is speed, it is crucial to get early feedback on new PRs. In order to achieve this, tests not dependent on each other will be run on different containers simultaneously.



Flavius Andrei Isac


  • Niels Braczek
  • Tito Alvarez
  • Astrid G√ľnther