The primary principle of the project is to allow the user the ability to switch to any setting on his/her phone based on location (identified by beacons). However, I plan to provide the users with a more pleasant experience through flexibility, by providing them with a wider array of choices, while making the entire process as simple as possible.

I am proposing a solution which would perform actions when a set of conditions provided by the user are met. Such an occurrence will be known as an "event". An example of an event would be if I am in my car (which would be recognised by the identification of the BLE beacon) and my headset is connected to the AUX cord, then open Google Play Music and play music.

The entire process would only require a simple one time set up and would provide the user with the ease of his/her simple day to day tasks being automated.



Savidu Dias


  • Paco Martin Fernandez
  • Andreu Ibanez-1